Stylish affordable websites

We build websites to be proud of.
Our simple, minimal-fuss, maximum impact service will provide you with a beautiful content rich site, ready for the world to discover.


So you're interested in what we do, huh? Well, here is how we can help you get online and noticed.


Obtaining your website address and space

The first step is to find and purchase a catchy website address, as well as some space to host it on. We can help you with these crucial steps.


Planning and design

Now comes the fun bit. Together we create the content that will go on your website, decide colour schemes and layouts, and think about how your customers will interact with the site. We'll do a load of tests, a bit of tweaking here and there, to arive at a final product.



Once the website has been signed off as complete, we then upload and make it available for the world to find. Simple. 


To help engage with potential customers, your website needs be sharp, sophisticated and clear. We will present your information and content in a way that will get results

Multiple devices

Your website will look great no matter what devices your customers view it on

Stylish and modern

Your content will be presented in a clean and stylish manner that is easily customisable

Current technology

Our sites have the option of adding an online shop, video and photo galleries, web-forms and customer interactions

Special Elements

What additional elements can you add to your website? Here are few ideas, but we have plenty more option to suit your needs


Display your images and/or videos in a nice grid which can be sorted into categories. Or display them in a slider the will switch between images automatically

Online Shop

You can have either a simple static online shop using Paypal as your payment method, or embed a more sophisticated shop which you can easily update and allows you to also take card payments

Contacts and forms

Collect customer information through customisable contact forms or online questionaires. Responses are emailed to you for instant notification


Show where your business address is, or the area in which you operate using an embedded map


If you have a launch date for a product or service, this can be displayed as a countdown clock to drive anticipation


Give your business credentials a boost by adding testimonials from previous and current cutomers


Ah the burning question; how much does it cost?
While other may hide their prices, we like to be open about them.
Below are four standard packages, one of which should cover your business needs. However if you do need something more exotic, we can accomodate that too.


£ 250 from
  • Simple, effective, single-page website
  • Useful for small businesses and personal websites


£ 500 from
  • 2 to 5 page website with extra bells and whistles like image/video galleries
  • Great for companies who have a bit more to say or show


£ 750 from
  • Multiple page website with slick features like galleries, web-forms and a simple paypal based online shop
  • Perfect for those who wish to sell a few products online


£ 1000 from
  • Multiple page website, with features such as video and image galleries, forms and a user cutomisable online shop
  • A perfect solution for companies who have multiple products or services to sell


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